The numerous successful cyber attacks against hospitals in recent years
Years have shown that simply preventing attacks does not work reliably and
Gaining importance in attack detection and response. MedMax builds on the
Preparatory work of the successful GRK NERD 2017 MediSec project and researches the
Detection of cyber attacks by means of data protection-compliant collection of
Telemetry data from hospitals. The data collected is processed using methods of
Machine learning on hospital-specific attack patterns and anomalies
examined. Here, for the first time, the special medical technology communication
protocols such as DICOM, HL7, FHIR or the telematics infrastructure. building
Based on previous studies in the MediSec project, the various user groups in hospitals such as doctors, patients, nurses and IT staff are confronted with cyber attacks and their reactions are analyzed. The results give hope for new insights into how to react to cyber attacks and provide impetus for future cyber security training measures. The communication structures established in the MediSec project with doctors, hospital management and hospital IT staff are also used in the MedMax project for knowledge transfer and exchange.