In addition to the large number of messengers, e-mail is the largest distributed
communication network in the world. Many messengers are better encrypted and therefore
more privacy friendly. However, e-mail is the only digital means of communication with
which you can reach practically every internet user. In addition, many online services use e-
Mail to register and manage user accounts and make the e-mail address
therefore to the central Internet identity. SEAN builds on the extensive preliminary work of
requesting PIs and aims to create an “E-Mail Attacker” toolkit through which
further security analyzes for the complex email stack with TLS, STARTTLS,
SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MIME, OpenPGP or S/MIME automated or partially automated
can be carried out. Specifically, the e-mail attacker should automatically detect state machines from
Protocol parsers can learn and support fuzzing. For end users, a scanning
Email Attacker module to remotely perform basic security configuration of email
servers and for a risk assessment that is understandable for end users for the
give email server.