Email and Instant Messaging (IM) are the two main means of communication around
exchange personal and business information. For encrypted IM were
recently developed techniques such as ratcheting associated with forward and post-compromise security
achieve very strong security properties. These are in modern applications like
WhatsApp and Signal already implemented. Encryption in e-mail, which presumably with
Distance most used digital communication medium, offers in comparison to it today
still weak security. Ratcheting is not instantaneous, since email
in contrast to IM messages are stored decentrally on IMSAP servers. At E
Mail group communications are more dynamic groups, not infrequently they exist just for
a single or few emails, while IM groups are typically much more long-lived
are. In the case of mailing lists, the sender often does not even know all the recipients.
This tandem project deals with the question: How can we make strong
Security features that are standard in instant messaging today, also for e-mail
to reach?